GiroSardegna 2020

25 aprile - 1° maggio

The GiroSardegna is the first stage cycling race in Sardinia, suitable for everyone.

It is for everyone, because you can choose whether to sign up for competitive routes or tourist routes.

Whatever your choice, you will cycle through breathtaking landscapes...

This year the GiroSardegna will be in Alghero > Sardinia > Italy > Europe

dove sarà il girosardegna 2020?

Hi, I'm Tonino Scarpitti and I've been the organizer of the GiroSardegna for 24 years. Those who know me for many years, some participate in the GiroSardegna since the first edition, knows how much attention and passion I dedicate to organizing the event, and that is why the 2020 edition will be truly special. On the site you will find all the details of the individual stages, of the selected hotels and all the prices. I just have to wish you a good surfing on this site and ... ... see you in Sardinia for the 24th GiroSardegna.

The GiroSardegna did not fix the competition venue in Alghero, for many years now, even if, cyclistically, it is the most complete for an event like ours.

There is plain, climbs of a certain commitment, excellent roads with little traffic but, above all, there are splendid coastal roads (the road to Bosa is of a unique beauty, forty kilometers of up and down without a crossing!) And then … there is Alghero, a “real” city, which has become an important tourist destination thanks to its history, traditions, its beaches and its sea!

Antonio Sscarpitti, organizzatore del Girosardegna

In designing the 2020 GiroSardegna I took into account the experiences made in 2019 and therefore, returning to the north of the island, no more car transfers: ALL departures will be close to the hotels!

From the cycling point of view the two races (MedioGiro and GranGiro) are slightly shorter and, on the whole, easier even if the first stage and the last two, although short, are definitely challenging.

From the point of view of hotel accommodation, 2020 will be a reference for the years to come: we have deliberately chosen the BEST HOTELS in Alghero and the surrounding area so that everyone can personalize their stay by choosing between alternatives of various costs.

Furthermore, stimulated by what happened in 2019 in many Italian Granfondi and by the new regulations issued, Alghero 2020 will be the GiroSardegna of the “Security & Safety & More” and therefore:

  • race routes in the first and second stage CLOSED TO TRAFFIC
  • to reduce risks, we will avoid the stage arrivals preceded by dangerous descents
  • we will reinforce the safety by enhancing the presence of personnel at the intersections and we will have a number of motorcycles in the technical escort well above the limits imposed by the law
  • and we will increase the number of ambulances following the guarantee we will install an “operations center” which will follow, step by step
  • the situation of the race highlighting the presence of assistance cars along the routes
  • … we will enhance the presence of the Television with a daily report and a special final of at least 30 minutes (broadcast by satellite!) but it is at I study another engaging initiative that you will soon meet
  • … departures, arrivals and more “scenographic” awards with some memorable gems Of course

The event will repeat its now consolidated scheme composed of the two competition routes (GranGiro and MedioGiro), all divided into the following stages:

1st Stage

The starting grids will be near the Alghero marina and the race will take place in the coastal road that will be closed to car traffic! The race will also be CSAIn International Middle-Round Championship.

2nd Stage
Individual time trial

Never seen such a thing! The experience made in 2019 of the road closed to traffic will be proposed again in 2020 with a variation: there will be a whole road for the competitors of the MedioGiro and one for the competitors of the GranGiro ... and both closed to traffic!

3rd Stage
Porto Conte /Stintino/Capo Caccia

An essentially flat stage on the line that allows you to see two beauties of the north-west: La Pelosa di Stintino and Capo Caccia, with one of the most beautiful views of the whole of Sardinia!

4th Stage
Team time trial

An addictive game: pure adrenaline! The team time trial repeats the "game" in a stimulating and panoramic route that all participants will enjoy.

5th Stage

We pass from the sea to the mountains of the interior for an arrival that anticipates the "Classica del Nord" which will take place on Saturday 2 May - the day after the end of the GiroSardegna - (... and there will be a "combined" ranking between the two races!). At the end of the stage there will be a "Malloreddus Party" in the center of the village that promises to be memorable.

6th Stage
Alghero/Villanova Monteleone

The stage respects the tradition of the "final uphill": it starts from where it all started (the small harbor of Alghero) and ends up in Villanova Monteleone, immersed in the panorama of the Gulf of Coral of Alghero.

And, given the consents we have had over the last few years, we have:

  • confirmed the team ranking
  • confirmed the two-grid starting lineup (first part the MedioGiro and then the GranGiro part)
  • still enhanced quality and quantity of prize draws

They obviously could not miss the beautiful ones non-competitive tour routes: in the vicinity of Alghero there are routes for all tastes, from the sea to the mountains and even in the most inland areas of the island and also for the randonneurs of the “1,000 km of Sardinia“: return to the classic three patents (200, 300 and 400 km) to see the north-west of the island without the stress of ranking.

The “Center” of the cycling week is fixed in the two hotels of Porto Conte but there is also the possibility of offering “something more” by staying in a 5-star city (near which we will make three departures and the final awards of the event).

It will be a GiroSardegna not to be missed for which we are preparing for great!

Tonino Scarpitti President of the Mare e Monti

Here's what makes the GiroSardegna unique

Variable difficulties

Choose, among the TWO courses of Race, the most suitable for you, between the MedioGiro and the GranGiro.

Choose whether to be a Tourist

You can decide to enroll in the tourist route, without thinking about times or speeds. You will enjoy ONLY the beautiful landscapes that Sardinia offers.

E' una Gara Internazionale

You will compete with cyclists from all over the world, even from the most distant nations, such as Australia, USA and Brazil.

Just think about having fun, we take care of everything

Hotel in full board *, gadgets, refreshments, timing, medical assistance, mechanical assistance, broom wagon, prizes, draws.

* choosing the 5 stars will NOT include full board, but the Half Board.

What they say about us?

The GiroSardegna has existed for over 20 years.

In all these years we have managed to get into the hearts of cyclists by offering them an exciting cycling holiday.
Who has not missed even one edition, who participates for some years and who for the first time.
Each of them is similarly thrilled …

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La meravigliosa strada costiera di Villasimius

La Costa Sud di Nora, Pula, Chia e Teulada

La costiera di Portoscuso, Nebida e Buggerru

Non contenti dei posti scelti per le gare,
abbiamo deciso di raddoppiare anche le GranFondo

Due giornate in cui scatenare le vostre doti di granfondisti

The Giro 2020 will have only one true protagonist…

... the Sardinian Sea !!

Non vuoi perdere tempo? Conosci già il GiroSardegna e vuoi iscriverti Subito?
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These were the numbers of the GiroSardegna 2019

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We gave you a surprise.
Don't let it slip away.

Have you decided to stay in one of the selected hotels? You can do this with a discount of 50.00 euros



Because the offer is valid ONLY if you sign up by 31 December 2019...
... and then, because the rooms end quickly ...

P.S .: the discount is calculated automatically by the online registration system, you will NOT have to enter any discount code



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