Dear friends,

The emergency due to the Corona-Virus and the decisions taken by the Italian government prompted me to reflect on the continuation of the GiroSardegna’s organizational process.

I could have “waited and hoped” to escape the storm: the event is scheduled in Sardinia (region that would be “peaceful” by geographical location) at the end of April (when the current restrictions may have ended) but, frankly, I don’t feel like live in uncertainty and put all those registered for our Alghero event in a waiting position.

So I decided to “act” looking for a solution that respected some priorities:

  1. Guaranteed the HEALTH of all – this aspect has always been a priority for me, necessary and essential … and it had to be even more so this time!
  2. Excluding higher COSTS – coming to Sardinia to do a week of competition is a decision that costs!
  3. It has to be REALIZABLE in a simple and of easily MANAGEABLE organization
  4. It would become a NEW OPPORTUNITY – I wanted a “GiroSardegna – The Day After” that would become even BETTER than the one proposed in April!


After contacting the Authorities, Hotels, Travel Agency and collaborators and after weighing everything over and over again, here are the decisions: the “GiroSardegna” of the year 2020 will NOT be done in April but will be carried out in Alghero from 11 to 16 October!

Members will not have to worry about anything because we take care of everything:

  • a. We will move ALL race-entries in October keeping the choices you made (GranGiro, MedioGiro, Tour, 900 km of Sardinia) unchanged without any increase in costs
  • b. We will keep ALL hotel accommodations as you request (chosen hotel, extra days, type of room, room combinations, etc.) and the hotel management will not place additional costs and / or penalties for the change of date
  • c. the Travel Agency will change ALL ferry tickets already issued by moving them to the new dates (unless you expressly request otherwise) without applying increases and / or penalties.

Therefore, mark in the calendar the new dates of the GiroSardegna sure that in October you can have the splendid sporting holiday that you had planned for April … indeed … more!

The Corona-Virus in October will be only a distant memory and we will all be able to live “our event” in a mild and pleasant climate with good weather and practically guaranteed sun (in Alghero in October the minimum is 18 ° and the maximum 26 ° degrees) … and the hotels are directly ON THE SEA (the water temperature is above 21 ° degrees)!

… but who in the new dates had other commitments and could not come?

No problem, because next year’s “GiroSardegna” will be in Alghero from 25 to 30 April 2021, the hotels will be the same as in 2020 and the Giro’s structure will remain unchanged.

Who CANNOT be in October then contact and move the registration to 2021: IT WILL NOT LOSE ANYTHING, and everything paid in 2020 will be considered as an advance for next year’s edition and will be transferred to it entirely and without penalty.

Those who DON’T WANT to participate in the GiroSardegna 2020 in October and not even the one in 2021 will have to communicate it to they will be able to unsubscribe but the penalty provided for in the regulation will be retained (€ 150.00 for each renunciating person) and the remaining amount will be cleared.

Tonino Scarpitti

P.S. – we cannot intervene on any air tickets issued for the April edition, but the decrees issued by the Government require airlines to fully refund the amount paid! If you ask for the move in October they will be happy to satisfy you … and certainly the flight will cost less !!

P.P.S. – in the next few days we will make the appropriate updates on the websites by varying the dates and updating the online registration system by REOPENING the possibility of registering until August

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