25th GiroSardegna

September 19th - 24th 2021

The “GranGiro di Capo Caccia” on September 19th stage of the “GiroSardegna” 2021 is included among the “Do-it-yourself challenges” of the italian “Prestige 2021” 

At the start of the GiroSardegna 2021 missing:


25th GiroSardegna
from 19 to 24 September 2021 “… Alghero again!”

Covid-19 has caused deaths, damage and radical changes throughout the world and has also heavily influenced the GiroSardegna whose 2020 edition, scheduled in Alghero for the end of April with 600 members, was then transferred to October and had the presence of just over 200 people.

We all hoped that in 2021 the situation of the pandemic would improve and for this reason the 25th edition of the event was scheduled for spring again in Alghero: but instead the overall situation has not changed and therefore a few days ago us organizers of the most important Italian Granfondo set in the months in March, April and May 2021, have decided to change the date.

Truthfully, Sardinia has been declared a “White Zone” and therefore the Covid risk on the island is almost irrelevant, but having the Giro during the week from 25th to 30th April would certainly have caused problems for those who wanted to participate (blocking of travel between Regions existing throughout March and with possible recurrence; flights to Alghero canceled; block for the British until May; etc.) and it would certainly have been difficult for everyone to travel: we would therefore have had a second year of GiroSardegna subdued and problematic while instead we all deserve a 25th edition to remember!

It is much better to wait for the completion of the vaccines that all nations are doing massively: with the arrival of summer there will be no doubts, uncertainties, difficulties due to government decisions, obligations to be respected and possible denials of authorizations!

So why not have a SAFE GiroSardegna, still in the summer time, which allows cyclists to compete in a pleasant climate and family members to take a REAL holiday by the beach in Alghero?

But September was clogged with races so we had to “settle” in the period 21-26, but a problem of the Neve Colli to planning the race on the 19th in Cesenatico, opened up for us the possibility of FINALLY having a perfect accomodation: from 19 to 24 September 2021!!

It is the ideal period for a sporting holiday on the island and consequently, we can build a UNIQUE and SPECIAL GiroSardegna 2021 in which cyclists and companions, in addition to experiencing the race, can enjoy the warm sun of the Sardinian September and swim in the sea of the splendid naturalistic oasis of Baia di Conte, because we will have:

– A large hotel with large spaces, located DIRECTLY ON THE SEA, which guarantees quality and has high availability for cycling needs which … exceptionally, will maintain the prices already agreed for April even if the summer in Alghero has much higher prices!

– Well-balanced race routes between GranGiro and MedioGiro, and beautiful routes in the non-competitive Tour and in the three randonnées of the “900 km of Sardinia

– Confirmation of the “International Championship of Mediofondo A.S.I.” (it will be the first stage on Sunday 19 September) and of the “National Combined Championship” (with the sum of the times of the 1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th stages)

– Confirmation that the first stage on Sunday 19 September will be one of the “Do-it-yourself challenges” included in the “CICLOTURISMO Prestige

– And, to worthily celebrate the 25th edition of the Giro, to the 66 cyclists who on 27 April 1997 were in Quartu S.E. at the start of the “Giro delle Coste della Sardegna” the FREE race fee will be offered (… it will be a real pleasure to see the people who have given birth to  “something” that still lasts today!)

– And to give credit to the 152 cyclists who on 11 October 2020 were in Alghero at the start of the first stage of the “GiroSardegna … the one during Covid-19“, we will discount their race fee by 100 euros (… it will be a way to thank the “Heroes” who had the strength to be there despite everything and everyone!)

But in the meantime, if you are not yet registered but want to benefit from this extraordinary opportunity to book a sports holiday, hurry up and do it: the registration deadline has also been moved to the end of July … soon all occupied and then you will have to find a different accommodation in Alghero at the much more expensive price for that period!

Cagliari, 11 March 2021

                                                                                                                    Tonino Scarpitti
                                                                                                        President of Mare & Monti


Subscribers won’t have to worry about anything because we’ll take care of everything:

We will move ALL race registrations to September while keeping the choices you made unchanged (GranGiro, MedioGiro, Tour, 900 km of Sardinia)

We will keep accommodation in the main hotel for the current members 

… and it will be possible to extend the stay if desired

So mark the new dates of the GiroSardegna in your calendar, and be sure that you will finally plan a wonderful sporting holiday without problems, and even … more!

Those who COULD NOT be there in September urgently contact girosardegna@gmail.com and ask for their registration to be placed to the 26th edition of the event to be held in April 2022 probably in Santa Teresa Gallura: YOU WILL NOT LOSE ANYTHING, and everything paid will be considered in advance and transferred entirely and without penalty.

Antonio Sscarpitti, organizzatore del Girosardegna

The GiroSardegna is the first cycling race in Sardinia, suitable for everyone.

It is for everyone, because you can choose whether to sign up for competitive or tourist routes.

Whatever your choice, you will cycle through breathtaking landscapes ...

This year the GiroSardegna will be in Alghero > Sardinia > Italy > Europe

dove sarà il girosardegna 2020?

This is what makes GiroSardegna unique

Variable difficulties

Choose, from the TWO race courses, the one that suits you best, between the MedioGiro and the GranGiro.

Choose whether to be a Tourist

You can decide to sign up for the tourist route, without thinking about Times or Speed. You will ONLY enjoy the beautiful landscapes that Sardinia offers.

It is an international competition

You will compete with cyclists from all over the world, even from more distant countries, such as Australia, USA and Brazil.

Just think about having fun, we'll take care of everything

Full board hotel *, gadgets, refreshments, timing, medical assistance, mechanical assistance, broom wagon, prizes, draws.

The Video Stories of the stages, 2020 edition

Here are the stages of the MedioGiro


2nd Stage

The individual time trial is “special” as is SPECIAL the GiroSardegna 2021! It is short but fast (the time trial bikes will certainly have an advantage) and safe (the road is closed to the traffic so


Here are the stages of the GranGiro


2nd Stage of the GranGiro

The individual time trial is “special” as is SPECIAL the GiroSardegna 2021! It is short but fast (the time trial bikes will certainly have an advantage) and safe (the road is closed to the traffic


What they say about us?

The GiroSardegna has existed for over 20 years.
In all these years we have managed to enter the hearts of cyclists, offering them an Exciting Cycling Holiday.
Who has not missed even an edition, who has participated for a few years and who for the first time.
Each of them is excited in the same way …

  • positive review  Sempre bello il giro di Sardegna, il tutto poi si svolge in un'atmosfera rilassata e non esasperata come in altri contesti... Consigliatissimo, e poi tonino è tonino, coi suoi pregi e i suoi difetti😂 ma non sarebbe giro di Sardegna senza di lui e le sue novità dell'ultima ora👍

    Michele Antonioli Avatar Michele Antonioli
    15 May 2019

    5 star review  Ho preso parte a questo fantastico evento per la prima volta e so già che tornerò. La bellezza di una gara a tappe per noi amatori, con un livello atletico altissimo. Grande organizzazione e la Sardegna una bellissima terra. Grazie per la bellissima esperienza e ci vediamo alla prossima!!!

    Francesco Gruttaglia Avatar Francesco Gruttaglia
    1 May 2017

    positive review  Bisogna provarla .. 👍😜...

    Luigi Tritapepe Avatar Luigi Tritapepe
    2 September 2018

    5 star review  Bellissimo !!!!! Splendidi itinerari, ottima organizzazione, grandi salite ...... Poco amatoriale ..... Molto competitivo!!!!

    Tore Murineddu Avatar Tore Murineddu
    28 April 2016

    positive review  Spiaggia Lu Impostu con un ottimo ristorante diretto da Ermanno Giua dove si mangia divinamente....San Teodoro

    Tiziano Bardella Avatar Tiziano Bardella
    19 January 2019

    5 star review  Un esperienza fantastica, per vedere e imparare così tante cose ci avrei messo anni e invece in sei giorni intensissimi ho respirato, mangiato e bevuto tantissimo ciclismo. Grazie!!!

    Alessandro Mura Avatar Alessandro Mura
    3 April 2017
  • 5 star review  Benfatto, bravi! Ben organizzato. E siamo solo agli inizi. Bel posto, le strade ben sistemate, la gente del luogo accogliente e paziente, sanno tattare i turisti! Grazie.

    Salvatore Daga Avatar Salvatore Daga
    24 April 2017

    5 star review  Great race, great atmosphere, great experience! We come back for sure!

    Angela Eicher Avatar Angela Eicher
    13 June 2018

    1 star review  Sono già stato su questi percorsi un po' di anni fa bellissimi e non vedo l'ora che arrivi aprile per tornarci !!!

    Domenico Barone Avatar Domenico Barone
    26 October 2016

    5 star review  Secondo anno di giro Sardegna come accompagnatori... che dire? Tutto perfetto: dall’hotel, alle persone, ai luoghi! E quest’anno abbiamo avuto una settimana di estate piena! Grazie a tutti e al prossimo anno spero!!!

    Sara Bozzo Avatar Sara Bozzo
    29 April 2018

    5 star review  Erano 3 anni che me lo facevate sotto casa! Non SONO mai potuto venire. Ma quest anno se dio vole ce l ho fatta e sono rimasto AFFASCINATO! COMPLIMENTI! aspetto nuovamente BUDONI per tornare!

    Filippo Viti Avatar Filippo Viti
    29 April 2018

    negative review  l'unica cosa bella è la patata

    Salvatore Usai Avatar Salvatore Usai
    17 August 2018
  • 5 star review  Esperienza fantastica....staff preparato strade larghe e livello agonistico davvero alto.....spero di ritornare

    Andrea Corso Avatar Andrea Corso
    29 April 2017

    positive review  Consigliatissimo per tutti

    Luigi Mambretti Avatar Luigi Mambretti
    24 November 2018

    positive review  parce que c'est un tour cycliste méditérranéen trés important.

    Abdallah Al Kadamani Avatar Abdallah Al Kadamani
    21 December 2018

    5 star review  Fantastico, Giro stupendo, ho vinto la crono individuale nella categoria M6, non dico il premio, ma almeno un podio ed una menzione sarebbe stata gradita...

    Iaccarino Eugenio Avatar Iaccarino Eugenio
    17 May 2017

    positive review  manifestazione fantastica x chi ama girare in bici !!!👏👏👏👏👍👍👍

    Cristian Giberti Avatar Cristian Giberti
    22 April 2019

    5 star review  Quello era un evento molto bello 🙂 Grazie Mille al team intero !

    Michael Boege Avatar Michael Boege
    2 May 2016
  • positive review  Fantastica esperienza! Atmosfera rilassata, no stress e Tonino super funny!

    Daniele Schena Avatar Daniele Schena
    29 October 2018

    negative review  Nonostante la location eccezionale, l'organizzazione non è stata per niente all'altezza dell'evento tra percorsi mal progettati, informazioni discordanti tra sito internet e quanto detto a voce dagli organizzatori stessi, tappa annullata senza alcun minimo rimborso ai partecipanti... purtroppo c'è tanto da migliorare, peccato. Non parteciperò più!

    Davide Bianchi Avatar Davide Bianchi
    28 April 2019

    5 star review  The race is a wonderful experience! The organizers are fantastic and for sure Tonino is the most amazing person! Had a lot of fun riding in Sardegna!

    Ana Carolina Diniz Lui Avatar Ana Carolina Diniz Lui
    28 April 2018

    5 star review  Bella esperienza questo mio primo GiroSardegna, buona l'organizzazione e ottimo il villaggio quartier generale Janna e' Sole nel quale eravamo alloggiati, un mini giro a tappe molto impegnativo in un clima quasi professionistico, disegnato su percorsi spettacolari tra la costa e l'entroterra con un clima eccezionalmente estivo per l'intera settimana nella bella terra dei quattro mori.

    Mario Martorana Avatar Mario Martorana
    29 April 2018

    5 star review  Well organised, thank you Tonino!

    Klaas Fopma Avatar Klaas Fopma
    30 April 2016

    4 star review  Devo dire esperienza bellissima, interessante e molto formativa!!! Si impara davvero tanto da una settimana cosi!!! Non ci siamo fatti mancare nulla....Grazie!!! All'anno prox!!!!!!!

    Rachel Rabissoni Avatar Rachel Rabissoni
    28 April 2017

When Italy’s lockdown for Covid-19 was decided in March 2020, most of the races were postponed to 2021: at that time the GiroSardegna was scheduled for the end of April with 600 entries! 

Of course I could have postponed the event to the following year; I decided instead to move it to October while giving the members the possibility to choose whether to come to Sardinia in autumn or to move to spring 2021. 

I must admit that doing the cycling week in full pandemic was not easy, but now I can proudly say that it was the right choice: we made an edition that will be UNFORGETTABLE … 

… And not just because the GiroSardegna was one of the very few cycling races held in Italy in 2020! 

… And not only for the endless problems that the organization and participants had to overcome! 

… the 2020 edition was unforgettable because it made those present savor that “atmosphere” that only those who realize they are experiencing a unique and unrepeatable thing can feel! 

Day after day, as they faced and overcome all kinds of difficulties, one could read in the eyes of ALL that pride that said “I am here: and that’s right! 

It would now be easy to say that all of us have shown that cycling races could and should be done and it would be easy to say that the “off season” edition of the GiroSardegna has shown how the Alghero area is PERFECT for a bike event (excellent roads and with very little traffic; various and challenging types of routes; nature of an amazing beauty and a city capable of offering major tourist attractions with splendid coastal roads in which to compete) … 

… but why not ask yourself what was in the thoughts of those who, on Friday 9 October 2020, boarded a ferry that would take them from Livorno to Sardinia? 

Certainly for none of them it was easy, but each of those who got on the ship will keep “his secret” for a long time: a photo, a video, a thought will be enough to fully and intensely relive every moment of that day and the following! 

… and why not also ask yourself what was in the organizer’s thoughts in those days? 

But I too will know how to keep the “secret” within me; I can however say that at the end of each stage I was evaluating the various aspects of the race thinking about some tweaks to make PERFECT an edition from Alghero which proved to be already excellent! 

Because I want the GiroSardegna 2021 to be SPECIAL: it will be the 25th edition of the event and being in Alghero once again is good and right: 

– but I want a bigger hotel with large spaces where we can all stay together comfortably, which gives a guarantee of quality and maximum availability to cycling needs 

– and I want a first stage that is beautiful but does not immediately create big gaps in the rankings between the participants 

– and I strongly want the two race courses (GranGiro and MedioGiro) to be authorized 

– and I want more members of the non-competitive “Tour“ and a “900 km of Sardinia” that also crosses Corsica 

– and I want to offer the FREE race fee to the 66 cyclists who on 27 April 1997 were in Quartu S.Elena at the start of the first stage of the then “Giro delle Coste della Sardegna” (… it will be a real pleasure to see people who, together with me , gave birth to a “thing” that still lasts today!) 

– and I want to give the discounted race fee of 100 euros to the 152 cyclists who on 11 October 2020 were in Alghero at the start of the first stage of the “GiroSardegna … that of Covid-19!” (… it will be a way to thank the “heroes” who had the strength to be there despite everything and everyone!) 

It is true that Covid-19 is still raging in Italy and in the world; it is true that hope in vaccines is now on high; but it is also true that it cannot be ruled out that the virus will still exist next year. 

And then, for everyone’s peace of mind, the “safety clause” is inserted in the April 2021 regulation: in case of cancellation due to force majeure, the GiroSardegna will be postponed to 10-16 October 2020. 

… but rest assured: the 25th GiroSardegna will certainly take place from 25 to 30 April 2021! 

The guarantee comes from me (that I survived the “cyclone 2020”) and from all those who have cycled to Alghero in October and who will want to do it again among the flowers and spring scents of 2021! 

But in the meantime, you ALSO write down the dates of October in the calendar: … maybe it could become an opportunity to see us again in a cycling tour in Costa Smeralda “On the roads of GiroSardegna 2022“! 

 25th november 2020

Tonino Scarpitti
President of Mare e Monti 

Antonio Sscarpitti, organizzatore del Girosardegna

La meravigliosa strada costiera di Villasimius

La Costa Sud di Nora, Pula, Chia e Teulada

La costiera di Portoscuso, Nebida e Buggerru

Non contenti dei posti scelti per le gare,
abbiamo deciso di raddoppiare anche le GranFondo

Due giornate in cui scatenare le vostre doti di granfondisti

The GiroSardegna 2021 will have only one true protagonist …

... the sea of ​​Sardinia !!

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Prestigio 2021

We acknowledge with pleasure that the long route of the first stage of GiroSardegna 2021 (the “GranGiro di Capo Caccia“) has been included in the “Prestige” and will be one of the “Do-it-yourself

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