What is “GiroSardegna”?


The secret of the success of “GiroSardegna is quite simple: after the first stage each cyclist knows the number, the name and the face of “his” opponents; from that moment all the others will disappear and for a week each cyclist lives to overcome the one that beat him for few seconds … while watching his back from the one he left behind a few seconds! 

So even those who arrive at the finish line one hour after the winner they will study the rankings everyday! 

And then it’s wonderful to go cycling in the beauty of the area at that particular time of the year (Sardinia in late spring is a riot of colors and smells!) living the absolute quality of the selected hotels and the “climate” that we always managed to create between all participants. 

Stages starts in convenient times; departures/arrivals are close to the hotel; the roads have a perfect asphalt; nature is a postcard: all these combined elements built an event without equal in the world with a right philosophy and an organization well done! 

The cycling week is an event complete and multifaceted: 

The “competitive” racetracks 

Two are the competitive racetracks everyday but, ATTENTION,the levels of participants are very different and EVERYONE can join the Giro without fear: there are those who are riding the 40 km average hourly, but also those who go to 30 and those who are struggling to get to 20: 

Blue path:(made by the registered at MedioGiro) – stages of medium difficulty.  

Red path:(made by the registered at GranGiro) – longer stages, with some more climbing.  

Each day TWO departures and TWO charts that, in sum of times, forms TWO overall rankings (absolute and age categories) in each path: 

WARNING: To remain in the overall rankings (absolute and for age category), the cyclist subscribed to GranGiro or MedioGiromust conclude the path each day: if he does NOT reach the finish line in a stage, he will comes out from the charts but in the following days he can be at the start anyway, attending only the day charts. 

Race departures 

In the four stages (1st, 3rd5th and 6th) we respect our ancient tradition: two grids for all cyclists (men and women) with TWO departures (at the start go first the members of the MedioGiro then the members of the GranGiro). 

In the time trial races: the start of the individual time trial (2nd stage) are in reverse order to the general classification (the last in the standings start first and at the end the first ones start); in the time trial (4th stage) the departures are in order of presentation of the teams. 

The “non-competitive” tracks 

Two are the NON competitive tracks allowing cyclists in a more relaxed way with these main features: 

Green path: (made by the registered at “Tour”) – is suitable for those who have no training and want to output short ways  

Gold path: made by cyclist registered at “900 km di Sardegna”)– three stages in Sardinia (200 km, 300 km, 400 km). 

Naturally in the NON competitive tracks there are no rankings and no prices: Each member is free to handle the departure and the mileage according to his will! 

Types of entries 

Cyclists at the time of registration must necessarily choose whether to join: 

to one of the competitive routes: MedioGiro oGranGiro.Those who register must be in possession of a sports card for cycling races; the card can be Italian or foreigner but must be valid for the year 2021. Who does not have one, can apply to join our sports group by sending an appropriate medical certificate.The new Italian sports competition rules stipulate that each competitor must demonstrate to the Organizer the possession of the medical certificate: please read for that the relevant note in the “General Information” 

to the NOT racing “Tour”: you can join WITHOUT be enrolled in a sports club and simply endorsing the accession implying disclaimer. Tour will also enroll cyclists with an Electric Bike. The registered “Tour” pays a lower level despite having the same rights as agonists (custom number, gadgets, refreshments, draws lots of awards, etc.). in each day will be free to choose the path that want to (GreenRed and Blue) course without participating in the race rankings. Every day is fixed a starting “group”, but everyone is free to ride when, how and with whom he wants. 

To the “900 km di Sardegna”: withe the italian rules for randonneurs disposed by A.R.I..

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