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Alghero is a beautiful opportunity for carers: the “Catalan” city is rich in history and is very lively and active all year round with attractions of all kinds and beautiful beaches. 

And in 2020 you can then choose the type of vacation you want to do: 

  1. a) do you want to take a restful vacation on a beach that already has the warmth of late Sardinian spring?

Then you have to choose one of the four-star hotels directly on the sea in the Bay of Porto Conte or in Punta Negra 

  1. b) you want to take an active and elegant vacation?

Then you have to book the room in the big five-star city that dominates the Gulf of Coral 

In any case, whatever accommodation you choose, it is worthwhile to be there because ALL (cyclists and carers) will benefit from the special atmosphere that is created between the participants in an event that makes them feel fully involved in something of special! 

And never like this time it will be useful to also have a car available to be able to manage the afternoon going to visit a multitude of beautiful things in Alghero and its surroundings that range from environmental beauties (Alghero-Bosa coast road, Capo Caccia cliffs, Nettuno caves , Punta Giglio, Natural Park of Baia di Conte, Argentario, natural Lake of Baratz … and an infinite number of beaches!), To the archaeological attractions (Nuragic Complex Palmavera, Spanish Towers and Ramparts, Necropolis of Anghelu Ruiu) and tourist attractions (Museum del Corallo, Aquarius, etc.). 

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