How to book at GiroSardegna



To register for the GiroSardegna 2020 you have two options:

  1. book directly on the web site: fill in the form online and send the payment by credit card. (the booking will be confirmed in automatic by the system)If you choose to make a bank transfer, then you must send a copy of the receipt via email ( ), or fax (0708582414).
  2. paper booking: fill in the paper form with the data for all the participants and send it together with a copy of the payment receipt via email  (, or fax (0708582414) or ordinary mail (Mare e Monti – Via Mar Ligure, 96 – 09046 Quartu S.Elena (CA) 

The payment can be made: 

  1. Using a bank transfer to current account N.17357.75 in the name of “Mare e Monti” at the Monte Paschi Siena in Cagliari with the following bank code: IT74N0103004800000001735775  –  BIC: PASCITMMCAG
  2. Make the payment to the post office account no.22191092 in the name of “Mare e Monti – Via Mar Ligure, 96 – 09046 – Quartu S.E.”; put the code IT77E0760104800000022191092  –  BIC: BPPIITRRXXX in case you send a sum by your account  

Online registration

You can subscribe to the GiroSardegna 2020 by clicking on the NEXT button.
You will be redirected to a new page where you will need to request access to your reserved area.

Immediately after clicking on ONLINE REGISTRATION you will find the screen shown HERE BELOW (on the left).

To access the registration area you will need to enter your email address in the area marked in red.

You will immediately see the access password, which you will have to enter to enter the system.
For security, note the password to be able to log in later, even if the summary of the access data will be sent to you by e-mail. So if you do not receive them, also check the SPAM folder of your mail program.

The image on the right is the page that will be filled with all the data and preferences for participation.

The summary will be formulated to verify the correctness of the data and be able to proceed with serenity to the payment procedure.

You can complete the transaction by paying the deposit or the entire amount.

Paper registration

With this mode you will first need to download the form by clicking on the BUTTON you find BELOW, and you will have to fill it in by entering the complete data of the participants and send it together with the copy of the payment receipt via e-mail to, fax ( 0708582414) or post (Mare & Monti – Via Zurita, 17 / b 09126 Cagliari

The payment of the sum can be made:

a) by bank transfer to the current account 17357.75 in the name of “Mare & Monti” at Monte Paschi di Siena in Cagliari with the following bank codes: IT 74 N 01030 04800 000001735775 – BIC: PASCITMMCAG

b) payment to the postal current account 22191092 in the name of “Mare & Monti – Via Mar Ligure, 96 – 09046 – Quartu S.E.”; in case of postal transfer, indicate the codes: IT 77 E 07601 04800 000022191092 – BIC: BPPIITRRXXX

c) by postal order or non-transferable check payable to “Mare & Monti”.

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Do you want to save on the Hotel fee?

If you register by December 31, 2019, the hotel fee in the online registration system is automatically DISCOUNTED of 50 Euro *.

To get the DISCOUNT, you still have:


At the next GiroSardegna, they lack:

To subscribe to the GiroSardegna 2020 you still have:

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