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online registrations starts in September the 15th 2019. 

Going in (in Italian language) or (in English language) you can ask for a password and then, entering in the system, you can make the online registration choosing the desired arrangement, entering the data and also paying the fees online with a credit card or a bank transfer. It is always visible the real situation of rooms available in each hotel and, after the registration, you can also make variations, if necessary, until February 2020 the 28th inserting the number of your cycling permit of 2020 or DataHealth number for medical certificatesIt is always possible to do the paper registration (by sending the registration form and payment receipt via email or fax). 

EVERYONE KNOWS THIS BUT … ALWAYS GOOD TO BE REMINDED!!! – the race fee at the GiroSardegna is low because the organisers are volunteers who work passionately and for free for you.  

Remember this before you yell at someone at a feeding stop of if you find that something’s not quite perfect: our reward is limited to the “grazie” and smile that, fortunately, many participants give us every day. 

ARRIVALS BEFORE 25/4 AND DEPARTURES AFTER 1/5 – 2020 hotels will all be open on the date of the GiroSardegnatherefore no problem for those who wish to extend their stay by arriving earlier or staying a few days: the special rates are indicated in the “Hotel” section. Also in this case the Organization will directly manage everything and there is no need to contact the Hotel Management. 

ROUTES AND DIFFICULTY – The GiroSardegna 2020 from the point of view of elevation can be defined as of medium difficulty! After the ups and downs on the sea of the first stage, the following three stages are easy and without significant gradients. The last two stages are more demanding but the climbs in the paths are always ridable. The initial Mediofondo / Granfondo has a path full of ups and downs that you make round-trip in a beautiful and panoramic road on the sea; the two time trial (the individual and the team) both have a very fast course in which it will be advantageous to have a specialized bike; the two stages in line (one on the sea of Stintino and Capo Caccia and the other with a particular stage finish) are varied and interesting … and then finally the grand finale with the uphill finish! It will be a Giro in which everything is possible as and more than usual … but the runners do it and there are so many opportunities to stand out!!! 

START/FINISH OF STAGES –   – At GiroSardegna, now for years, there are always separate departures (the MedioGiro starts for first and then, after 15 minutes, the GranGiro starts): in 2020 the first stage will be an exception to this rule only for safety reasons and to avoid the dangerous crossing of large groups on the coastal road. 

STARTING GRILLS – at the GiroSardegna there are NO precedents / preferences (VIPs, Women and / or various Privileges!): those who enter the grid first place themselves in front and the others behind! The only exceptions to this rule are the leaders of the two routes with record-keeping jerseys which can line up in front of and outside the grids. 

MEDICAL ASSISTANCE – On every stage there will be a race doctor and at least three ambulances  

MECHANICAL ASSISTANCE – a fixed location in the main hotel will be set up. The organisation doesn’t give any ‘wheel change’ or assistance for the front of the race and not for the others: at GiroSardegna all cyclists are equals!  

CATEGORIES – we will use the category fixed at an International level by the U.C.I. with the variant allowing three women’s groups: 

1 up to 29 years – 2 30/34  3 35/39 – 4 40/44 – 5 45/49 – 6 50/54 – 7 55/59 – 8 60/64 – 9 65/69 – 10 from 70 upwards 

The three women’s categories are: W1 up to 44 years – W2 45/59 – W3 from 60 upwards 

Cyclists aged from 15 to 18 years or 70 and above can only take part in the MedioFondo. 

The organisers can combine some groups at their discretion 

THE ROADS – the roads are all well paved and in Sardinia all the roads involved in the races have no traffic. But in 2020 the complete closure will be requested in the first stage (the Alghero-Bosa coastal road which will take place in both directions) and in the second stage (roads of the individual time trial). In the other stages the Authorities impose a partial closure of the traffic, therefore, always pay due attention: remember above all that, once the “Fine Corsa” machine has passed, the traffic laws must be respected. The cars in the race will be authorized only upon request. 

ROUTE MAPS/STAGE HEIGHT PROFILES – each stage is registered on and can be read using an ‘identity code’ which is given for each stage; the individual route is shown on the plan (as a “map” or as a Google satellite image) and the height profile (showing the hills on a height graphic as well as a profile); each stage is exportable by choosing the required format or it can be transferred directly to a GPS.  

… THE “SARD PLAINS” – often going along on the bike it seems like you are on the flat but you have the impression that “your legs are not working” then, just afterwards, you feel like “flying”: these is the “Pianura Sarda”! 

GROUPED TIMES – in two stages probably there will arrive big groups in a sprint finish or there can be many small groups with some distance between them. ALWAYS, the members of each group will be assigned the time of the first one in that group, so there is no need to risk to get a better position.  

CLASSIFICATIONS, JERSEYS AND PRIZES – Each evening at 18.00 there will be a short briefing to present the stage for the following day and the day’s prizegiving with symbolic prizes. The overall leaders of the Giro (first man and womanget the Yellow Jersey for “GranGiro” and the Pink Jersey for “MedioGiro; each day, the last cyclist (irrespective of sexarrived at the finish in the maximum time in each path receives the Black Jersey. At the end of the Giro prizes will be awarded to the first 3 riders in the GranGiro and the MedioGiro and the first 3 by age category; the leader of each category will receive the final winner’s jersey.  

TEAM CLASSIFICATION – Each day best team is awarded in GranGiro and MedioGiro (summing the best 3 times of cyclists of the same team); then there will be a general ranking of teams in addition to the times of the individual days. At the end of GiroSardegna will be premiered the best three teams of GranGiro and MedioGiro. 

As a tradition, the first ranked team will be given a valid nomineal coupon valid for the GiroSardegna 2021, equal to 10% of the hotel share of that year; to the second a 7% discount voucher; the third a 4% discount. 

CLASSIFICATION “BIGGEST GROUP – at the end of the GiroSardegna are added the kilometers traveled by all athletes belonging to the same sports group (regardless of participants in the GranGiroMedioGiro, Tour and 900 km di Sardegna) and we reward the first three companies. As per tradition, the first group will be given a nominal discount voucher valid for the Giro 2021 equal to 10% of the hotel share of that year; at the second a 7% discount coupon; at the third a 4% discount. 

GADGET – … special, for a special editionIt will be cycling shirt expressly designed for Alghero 2020! 

POLICING – on the route we will have many motorcyclists who helps the patrol cars of the police; the Carabinieri will preside over the principal road junctions and the Municipal police in the towns. 

TESTIMONIALS – over the years at the GiroSardegna we have had several cyclists with a glorious past (Massimiliano Lelli, Gianni Motta, Stephen Roche, Karl Zoetemelk, etc) or sportsmen famous in other fieldslook around and you will recognise them. 

“OUR” FACEBOOK – the facebook page goes great with thousands of suivers, and has become a tool for information and exchange of ideas: there are videos of past editions and photos taken directly by us / you. News and videos will be published on the facebook page immediately during and after the races 

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