Rando 900 km di Sardegna


3 patents in Sardinia (200, 300, 400 km)!

Those enrolled in the “900 km of Sardinia” Randonnée apply for long-distance patents. 

You participate in the “900 km” following the rules of the A.R.I. and is also included in the “GiroSardegna” (personalized number, refreshments, gadgets, prize draws, etc.) with which the hotel and common facilities are shared. 

It is advisable to ask for registration WITH the hotel accommodation: this allows you to experience the whole event intensely because the timing of the event allows you to use the hotel services and because when you cannot eat meals you will have a “meal basket ”Which will be available in the Control-Refreshment area. 

Since these are long-distance cycling patents, all the rules will be followed (see what is reported in the application form that every cyclist must sign); however, keep in mind that you will do night tours and therefore you must equip yourself accordingly. 

In 2020 the 900 km of Sardinia was NOT held due to the “Cyclone Covid-19” and in proposing it again in 2021 I wanted to make a very special edition. 

I wanted to set up an edition that was beautiful from an environmental point of view and show all, absolutely all, the beauties of the north-west of Sardinia! 

There are three patents included in the 900 km: the 200 km “… the North-West Beaches” (an easy and relaxed “tourist” ride, which shows the beaches of Nurra and Alghero), the 300 km “… Mare e Monti “ (the Alghero Bosa coast, then the relaxing and particular Sinis peninsula, then the internal plateaus) and the 400 km ” North Coast and Costa Smeralda “ (the north coast of Sardinia and then the Costa Smeralda followed by a brief taste of the Rocks of Gallura). 

It will be a week with “progressive” difficulty that allows you to rest between one randonnée and another. 

The roads to be traveled by are all of extraordinary beauty and offer unique features from an environmental point of view: this week of full immersion in cycling is REALLY an opportunity not to be missed! 

The patents will be managed directly by Luca Bonechi and Fabio Bardelli of the A.R.I. with their staff. 

One more reason not to miss it! 

Tonino Scarpitti 

President of the Mare e Monti 

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