Rando 900 km di Sardegna


3 patents in Sardinia in a week (200, 300, 400 km) 

Members of the Randonnées of the “900 km of Sardinia” make long distance patents.

They will participate in the following the rules established by A.R.I. but they are also “inside the GiroSardegna” (personalized number, refreshments, gadgets, prize draws, etc.). 

It is advisable to ask for the registration WITH the hotel accommodation: this allows you to live intensely throughout the event because you to take advantage of the hotel and because when you can not eat meals you will have a “basket-meal which will be available at the Control-Refreshment site. 

Since these are long distance cycling patents, all the rules will be followed (see the information in the application form that every cyclist must sign); keep in mind, however, that you will make night routes and therefore you must equip yourself accordingly. 

2020 will REALLY be a special year because thw event will return to the three patents (200, 300, 400 km) but now the name of the event, after so many years in which it was called “1.000 km of Sardinia“, is now updated in “900 km of Sardinia“. 

In the program of … “900 km” there is a patent from 200 km (… to the south), one from 300 km (to the north) and one from 400 km (… to the east) because we are going to explore three different realities of this marvelous island made of sea and amazingly beautiful beaches but also of a very particular interior. 

You will see and live Sardinia and its sea thoroughly and intensely! 

You will have differentiated altitudes in the various “stages” 

You will have a whole week to carry out a program that is of “progressive” difficulty 

You will also experience a week’s holiday whatever hotel (four or five stars) you choose 

And you can offer a restful vacation to your companions 

The roads to be traveled by bicycle are all out of the ordinary beauty and offer unique environmental features: this week of full immersion in cycling is truly an opportunity not to be missed! 

The patents will be managed directly by Luca Bonechi and Fabio Bardelli of A.R.I. with their staff. 

One more reason not to miss! 

Tonino Scarpitti 

President of Mare e Monti 

Le altre Tappe della Rando 900km di Sardegna

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