Extract of the RULES of the “GiroSardegna”


All the cyclists who sign up for the “GiroSardegna (“Grangiro” or “Mediogiro”) must, at the start date of the race, be in possession of a valid 2020 cycling licence of the F.C.I. or of another recognised cycling authority and they have to prove the possession of the medical certificate.  

Those who are taking part in the “Tour” can be cyclists in possession of a cycling permit or without one (on the condition that they have signed the waiver form)  

  1. entrance will be accepted until the hotel places are full. After 30/08/20 we will accept only bookings for places made available by cancellations 
  1. at signup to the event, cyclists must state whether they will do the GranGiro, MedioGiroTour or 900 km di Sardegna. 
  1. in the case where the event is cancelled, any entrance fees will be returned in full. 
  1. in the case of your renunciations made before 30/08/20 we will retain 50 euros and return the rest of the funds sent (Giro+supplements); in the case of cancellation 10 days before the start, we will retain 150 euros. No reimbursement will be made for cancellations after that date.  
  1. The Organisers reserve the right to vary the programme at any time   
  1. Everyone signed up accepts the risks of a cycling event (breakage/damage to the bike, accidental falling caused by themselves or by others etc) and any other risks (wars, popular uprisings, floods, robberies, etc) which may happen in the course of the event; no risk will be assumed by the organisers except for any risks covered by the various insurance policies in place  
  1. The sums sent are, to all effects, contributions made to the Association Mare e Monti ONLUS as Sustaining Member. No obligation or burden of any type derives from the payment of the sum in question  
  1. Competent court in the case of litigation: Cagliari 


WARNING: THE CERTIFICATE – In sports events of all kinds there is an obligation to document the possession of the suitability certification of the participantstherefore it is not sufficient for the participant to show a cycling card issued by FCI / Ciclistici Italian and foreign (except for possible changes that may occur in the 2020 regulations). 

Each participant must be in possession of sports medical fitness for the practice of competitive cycling; foreign residence attendees must be in possession of a certificate of fitness drawn up in accordance with the E – Health Certificate. 

GiroSardegna, with the aim of simplifying the implementation of this obligation, has interfaced its enrollment with an external company that collects, validates and retains athletes’ medical certificates. 

The www.datahealt.it website contains the Service Usage Modes, the PDF files with facsimile certificates (in Italian and English), the User’s Guide and FAQs for each need. 

WARNING: The medical certificate must be taken over by September 28th 2020 – Members who do not proceed through the DataHealth service are required to submit a copy of their medical certificate to the withdrawal of the race number.

THE INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP MEDIOFONDO – The GiroSardegna boasts in Italy a large percentage of foreign participants (in 2019 were around 40% the members coming from 24 nations), has therefore title to claim a recognition that it is the consecration of this fact, and the CSAIN Sports Promotion Agency wanted to recognize it by declaring the “MF SardegnaAlghero” the International Championship of Mediofondo! 

On October 10th, 2020, the first classified in each category and in the two routes will be awarded the International Champion Title (of Mediofondo) and will get the jersey regardless of the cycling card he/she has.

ATTENTION: a FREE INSURANCE – Thanks to an agreement made between Formula Bike (to which the GiroSardegna is associated) and Bikevo, the first stage of the Giro 2020 benefits from the possibility of a free insurance coverage for all participants of italian nationality. Instant Bike is an insurance product designed for cyclists: it is activated only on the day when it is needed (a race, a sports exit, a cycle-pedestrian, etc.) and addresses itself in the coverage of accidents or other very frequent individual situations. The insurance is activated through a code that will be communicated in advance through our newsletter with which you register on bikevo.com, you download an appropriate App through and you get the actual coverage in a few minutes. Coverage is free in the “Granfondo di Alghero” but, if you pay a paltry sum, it can also be continued for one or more successive stages. More in-depth information can be found at www.bikevo.com 

WAZE and GiroSardegna – The free WAZE App (the most widespread satellite navigation system in the world) in partnership with Formula Bici, offers a service of undoubted value: all the associated cycling events can improve the viability in the areas closed to traffic or passage of the competitions. It will therefore be possible to indicate to the participants and enthusiasts how to get as close as possible to the departures/arrivals of the races as well as to indicate to the road users how to avoid closed paths to traffic during their closing times. The cyclists in the race can even set the route of the single stage taking advantage of the benefits of the App (direction notice at intersections, alert for accidents or obstacles reported by other competitors, etc.). 

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