TOUR 1st Stage

… l’Alghero/Bosa, A real enchantment!

  • Day: 11 Ottobre 2020
  • Start: 09:00

The Guides will be at the start of the competitive stage, in the Center of Alghero (Piazza Sulis): “those of the Tour” leave at 09.00 am immediately after the agonists. 

THE RECOMMENDED ROUTE: No doubt about what to do on the first day: enjoy the Alghero/Bosa coastal road on the path of the racers entirely closed to traffic!

The road is a masterpiece to be savored all over, from the first kilometer to the last, and even Bosa deserves to be seen … but to make 40 challenging kilometers on the way and as many on the way back are not within the reach of all Tour participants, also because they are thick with ups and downs.

Obviously it is better to stay in a group to get to know the other participants and to share panoramas and photographs … but this time those who have more energy and training, can also “stretch” trying to reach at least the Feeding Station (35 km), but it will not be easy.

If instead you have an assisted or electric bike, “conquer” Bosa and go around the Temo River and into the city: it’s worth it!

Of course there will be no cars along the route, but only Mediogiro and GranGiro cyclists involved in the race. 

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