TOUR 2nd Stage

... Baia di Conte, Lago di Baratz and Capo Caccia!

  • Day: 12 Ottobre 2020
  • Start: 09:00

Meeting with the Guides at 09.00 am in front of the Porto Conte / Corte Rosada Resort Hotel. (… Tour cyclists staying at the Hotel Punta Negra can wait in front of their Hotel and those staying at the Carlos V in Alghero can wait at the Fertilia roundabout). 

THE RECOMMENDED ROUTE: It will be a relaxing and short day to recover the efforts of the first day. It starts going towards Alghero and along the road the cyclists of Punta Negra and Carlos V° are also included in the group. Then all together they go to Santa Maria la Palma to take the SP69 (the road that leads to the start of the time trial of the agonists) then turning into the SP118 (Via dei Fenicotteri) going to the Environmental Education Center then continuing along the Lake of Baratz (the only natural lake in Sardinia) to finally reach the Beach of Porto Ferro. Then, via the SP55bis, you return to coast along the Baia di Conte (… along the road, take a very short round trip to see Porticciolo Beach!) To finally reach the panorama of Capo Caccia! 

Then return to the starting point: 50 km are all flat, relaxing and full of beautiful things to see! 

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