TOUR 3rd Stage

… the Argentiera!

  • Day: 13 Ottobre 2020
  • Start: 09:15

Meeting with the Guides in front of the Porto Conte / Corte Rosada Resort Hotels: “those of the Tour” depart immediately after the agonists of the GranGiro at 09.15. 

THE RECOMMENDED ROUTE: It is a pity not to be able to get to Stintino’s La Pelosa Beach inserted in the GranGiro route but it is really too far to go by bike on the way back; instead it will be better to follow the path of the agonists (Fertilia, Santa Maria La Palma) up to Palmadula (25 km). The road is Pianura Sarda (… so full of ups and downs, never demanding, but pleasant to do because short)! Once in Palmadula you leave the path of the agonists to go down to the Argentiera (31 km): enchanted place full of beauty … and of ancient abandoned mines, in a fairytale landscape that has been the backdrop for some successful films. Then go back to the same street. 

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