TOUR 4th Stage

  • Day: 14 Ottobre 2020
  • Start: 09:00

“Active Rest” day in which the appropriate choice will be made with the Guides: car + bike in Stintino; Alghero city; rest on the beach; … chrono-teams; … Asinara ?? 

THE RECOMMENDED ROUTE: The rest day can be there … but it never happened that “ People of the Tour ” gave up a stage. What to do will be decided together with the Guides also based on the participants’ cycling level! 

Of course, it is NOT a bad idea to load the bike by car to 40 km up to Pozzo San Nicola and from there pedal along the plains along the Tonnara and the Saline di Stintino, along the Stagno di Cesaracciu, see the little Stintino going then in La Pelosa and in Punta Falcone with its views of the Asinara and on the Isola Piana and back to the car (doing about thirty km by bike). 

But the solution to ride a bike around Alghero and its immediate surroundings is not bad either, perhaps even visiting the local companies (… Sella and Mosca wines, for example!) 

But even a whole day of relaxation together in one of the many beaches seen from the bike is not really bad! 

And why is it wicked to make one or more teams that take part in the time trial team scheduled for the day of the GiroSardegna? 

Or perhaps it is wicked to think of organizing a trip to the prison island of L’Asinara where you could also go by bike? 

In short, there are so many things to do: just decide together, and then do it! 

It will be another chance to “cement” the group! 

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