TOUR 5th Stage

... the Sardinian Lands!

  • Day: 15 Ottobre 2020
  • Start: 09:15

Meeting with the Guides at 09.00 am in Ittiri, on the place that will be the arrival of the agonists and the “Malloreddus Party”. 

THE RECOMMENDED ROUTE: the choice of the fifth day, on the other hand, is obligatory, when you will do something out of the ordinary and definitely extraordinary: a whole day out of the “normal” world to immerse yourself in a completely different reality. The cyclists can go biking in the last part of the race “Terre Sarde” (an impostant sardinian race usually programmed in May) a very particular course that follows the Classics of Northern Europe: the agonists of the GiroSardegna will end their stage right at the end of the course of that race … while “People of the Tour” will be the central and final part! It will be an out-of-the-ordinary experience in a course already entirely marked with directional arrows: you start “warming up your leg” pedaling up to Romana (16 km); a little further on the village we face the first “difficulty”: a stretch of unpaved but easy road (about two km), then we return to the asphalt of Romana and continue on asphalt for about 8 km in the SP57 and then we enter in the SP50 until you reach a narrow cemented road that shows (about 4 km, very beautiful and easy to do) that takes you back to the initial paved road and then to the town of Ittiri where you face the final part of the race with a kilometer of paved road with a short steep slope (… to do on foot?). 

In total you will pedal for about 50 km … but unforgettable! 

Then to the finish, after the arrival of the agonists there will be an intense “Malloreddus Party” that promises to be unforgettable and then in the afternoon we return to the hotels. 

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