TOUR 6th Stage

... the final uphill

  • Day: 16 Ottobre 2020
  • Start: 09:15

The Guides will be at the start of the competitive stage, in the small port of Alghero: “those of the Tour” leave at 09.15 am immediately after the GranGiro agonists. 

THE RECOMMENDED ROUTE: How to finish beauty a “special” cycling week? Nothing better than doing the same short route as the agonists but without the hassle of the race: now “ People of the Tour ” will have a week of training in the legs and therefore they should not have problems to make the uphill finish in a short stage (27 km on the way and as many on the way back) but there are also two shorter and equally beautiful alternatives. 

Main option: make 12 km of the coastal road to Bosa then turn left into the path of the agonists and do the whole climb up to Villanova Monteleone (611 meters above sea level) and then descend back to Alghero passing by the panoramic switchbacks of “Scala Piccada” (km 52). 

Simple option: make 12 km of the coastal road to Bosa then turn left into the path of the agonists and go uphill until you reach the SS292 then turn left and descend back to Alghero from the “Scala Piccada” hairpin bends. (km 40 – avoid the last six km of ascent for Villanova Monteleone in A / R). 

Simpler option: take the SS292 directly and climb the panoramic hairpin bends of “Scala Piccada” until you reach Casa Cantoniera (km. 10) and descend back to Alghero (km 20). 

Whatever option you choose will be a worthy way to end a fantastic week! 

At the hotel you can have your meal and pack your bags. At 3.00 pm in the Miramare Cinema in the Center of Alghero (Piazza Sulis), there will be the ceremony of the final awards of GiroSardegna. 

The members of Tour will be called on stage and will have a small acknowledgment of the presence and they will participate in the draws of lots of substantial prizes among which the most coveted are the invitations to the GiroSardegna 2021. 

ATTENTION: exceptionally the hotel rooms can be held until 2.00 pm. 

Hotel services included in the rates end with lunch on 16/10/2020. 

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