The “Tour” is one of the two NOT agonistic path (Tour and 900 km of Sardegna). 

Subscribers to “Tour” does the Green Path: short stages with no difficolties 

Subscribers to 900 km di Sardegna” does the Gold Path: long distance stages 

You can participate at the “Tour” WITHOUT EVEN be enrolled in a Sports Club and simply signing the form with the disclaimer. At the “Tour are also accepted cyclists with an Electric Bike. The “Tour” pays a lower level despite having the same rights as agonists (custom number, refreshments, gadgets, draws lots of awards, etc.). In each day the cyclists are free to choose the path thay want (GreenRed and Blue) without participating at the race rankings. Every day there is a fixed departure “to make group” with our guides, but every cyclist is free to ride when, how and with whom he want.

In a “GiroSardegna” that returns to Alghero you cannot miss a special “Tour“, builted as an absolutely extraordinary week that will show everything there is to see in that beautiful part of Sardinia.

Naturally the protagonist will be the sea that in Alghero has remarkable beauties, but also the inside of the island will show its peculiarities with the culmination in the “special” stage on Thursday when you will go to Ittiri for an absolutely special journey that follows a part of the “Terre Sarde” race on the following Sunday with two pieces of unusual road: the first in dirt and the second in concrete which will lead to a hidden and interesting corner in many respects. Remember that on the “Tour” you can participate in full freedom (in a group with our two Guides; alone following the route description; making the paths of the athletes; etc.) and by any mechanical means (… race bike, city bike, MTB or assisted bike!) because it is important to “be there” to enter the climate of the cycling holiday without the hassle of classifications. 

Do not miss this extraordinary opportunity because NEVER MORE you will be able to see in a week the Sea and the Mountains of the North-West of Sardinia with the Alghero / Bosa Coast, Capo Caccia, Lake Baratz, the Argentiera, etc.!  

Given the variety of proposals for accommodation in hotels, in each stage we have included a “Departure” place where our Guides will be waiting for you: arrive by car or by bike but you must be there!! 

Tonino Scarpitti 

President of Mare e Monti 

Tutte le Tappe del Tour al GiroSardegna 2020

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