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The Mare & Monti Association was founded in 1994 as a Sports Group aimed at the practice of granfondo cycling; he immediately started organizing cycling events first in Sardinia and then abroad.

Over the years, social action has continued to evolve to the point that, in March 2004, M&M was included in the General Registry of Volunteering of the Sardinia Region (Social Sector – Sports Section; Cultural Sector – Cultural Activities Section; Environment Sector – Protection Section , Environmental Rehabilitation and Enhancement) and since then acts in the form of ONLUS (Non-Profit Organization of Social Utility) for which each amount paid is, to all intents and purposes, a contribution given to enable it to carry out a non-profit action.

Since its foundation, M&M has been chaired by Tonino Scarpitti (he directed chancelleries of judicial offices for many years before devoting himself more intensively to various associations of social and voluntary commitment).

In the cycling field he is also President of ASSOFONDO (the Association that brings together the most important Italian Granfondo organizers).

It is important to know that Mare & Monti is NOT a Travel Agency nor a commercial enterprise; all collaborators are volunteers and act for free, which is why we repeat up to boredom: “we prefer to have good participants rather than many members”!

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